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Grid Wall:

(Grid wall selection link)

Inexpensive, heavier but stronger than other walls, can set up in a variety of configurations to best fit your specific art/craft items. While the standard size is a 2′ x 6′ grid wall, they do come in different lengths such as 6′, 7′ or 8′ and even a few different widths. Make sure the length you choose fits in your vehicle before purchase. Grid wall come in colors such as chrome, white and black. Since these wall are heavy, I suggest that if you purchase grid wall online, you look for free shipping such as on Amazon.

Many artist just starting out at art shows use grid walls. They will not break, so you can easily sell them to another artist if you later upgrade to another wall system. You may be able to find grid wall and accessories locally at a place that sells store fixtures. It takes about five 2′ x 6′ grid walls to fill up one 10′ wall section. You can purchase grid wall in groups of three at a reasonable price. Grid wall has many useful accessories such as Grid Wall Shelf’s, Joining Clips to attach grid walls together and Utility Hooks which can be used to hang art on. Many different type of Gridwall Hooks are available to hang a variety of items.

A few of many available accessories for Grid wall (Click on pictures):

2′ x 6′ Grid wall (three pack)

Joining Clips (connects the grid wall together)

Hooks chrome

Hooks black


(Link for leg pair)
Leg Stands

2′ x 6′ Grid wall (three pack), Joining Clips, Hooks chrome or black, Grid wall shelf’s, grid wall leg stands

2′ x 6′ Grid wall (three pack) with leg stands

hooks, six grid walls with 2 triangle base combo

Triangle base.


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