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Many artists have been very creative in making walls from scratch as shown in this article (Article Link).
I have seen them made from attaching doors together to using pegboard and hinges.  Sometimes you can look for artist selling their walls or other art supplies when upgrading or no longer doing art show.  This can save you money and if your walls are still in good condition, you may be able to sell them for close to what you paid for them used. You can see below some common wall options that many artist use. They cover a range of costs and functionality.

Some common wall options:

Graphic Display Panels:          gdspanels

Both Graphic Display panels are shown above. These display panels can come in one piece per wall but I prefer the model that comes in two pieces per wall as shown.
The two piece per wall model has the advantage of fitting better in your vehicle and perhaps easier to handle.

The walls are light in weight and come with floor base hardware to support the walls.  About $90 a panel. The company sells many accessories and configurations to support many wall designs for multiple art mediums and professional needs. I suggest using their hanging hooks but standard “S” hooks will also work. Note: A company called Flourish makes nice cloth covers for the Graphic display panels at (Graphic Display panel covers link).


Pro Panels:

                armstongpanels       propanelcarpet

These are carpeted walls, what professional art show artist use, flexible in setup, durable, cleanable, stable, come in a variant of colors and expensive.

Have a high resale value for used ones. The company sells many accessories and configurations to support many wall designs for multiple art mediums and professional needs.

Armstrong Product Panels:
These are also carpeted walls similar to Pro panels that many professional art show artist use. You can also arrange these panels in many configurations and use many optional accessories.

armstongpanels armstrongcarpet

Flourish Mesh Panels:

These are flexible Flourish Mesh Display Panels
that can be folded for travel but make tight walls for hanging art when installed. Since the walls can be folded they take up much less room while transporting. Many professional artist use these walls. If you do not have your outside tent walls up, the mesh panels allow for better air circulation inside the tent area as well has the ability to hang art on both sides. You need to get the Mesh panels and stabar configuration that fits the type of tent that you have.

While these walls may seem initially expensive, but less then most Pro panel configurations, they should have a good resale value when sold. Your long term cost on professional walls is the difference between how much you paid minus your selling value divided by how many years or shows you used them for.

Click on the first image to bring up mesh panels cost on Amazon.




The second image below shows a close up of the mesh detail. The holes are used for S or drapery hooks to hang your art on.

The third image shows the Stabar system used to attach your mesh panels to a top Stabar for some tent models.


The fourth image shows a close up how to attach the top of your mesh panels to other tent models.

The fifth image shows the lower bar of the Stabar system used to attach your mesh panels to your tent . It also shows the option of a shorter back mesh wall with a door opening.meshdisplay

The sixth image is another example of tent display using the mesh panels with three 10′ walls.


The seventh image shows a short video of the mesh panels being installed to a tent.



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