Artist Bio or Artist Statement

Artist Bio or Artist Statement / Labeling Art:

For most artworks I find that the title and price are always needed with size as an option. For photography, many customers want to know the location of the subject matter.

Artist biography













For painters, as a customer, I prefer a label that says if it is an original or print/Giclee especially if if the painting is printed on canvas or framed. It also is nice to list on the label the more specific painting type such as watercolor, acrylic or oil since not everyone is as art knowledgeable as the artist.

Many artists place a printed page of information about themselves such as an artist statement or bio and a small artist head shot on the back of the matted artwork.
I see no reason you can not do this on original or framed artwork also. Customers seem to like this as I see them turning over the matted prints looking at the additional information. Here is a link of a sample bio for back of art Sample Bio in Word format.

This artist bio/artist statement page also gives a stronger bond between the art piece and the artist which helps in an overall stronger relationship between the customer and the artist. As I have said before, the customer is not just buying the art but also part of the purchase is related to the connection to the artist.

With a picture of the artist on the bio, it helps the customer relate and recognize that the artist is in the booth. To my surprise, many customers do not always understand that most of the time, the artist is the one in the booth. One of the most asked questions I get is “Did you take these” or “Are all these photographs yours”.

I place a business card in the packaging of every order I sell.  I also have a stamp with my name and web site that goes on the back of each matted or framed print.  If they wish to order another piece of art in the future, I try to make it easy for them to find me.   My web site is also my name and will come up on top during a web search of my name.


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