Undercover art show tent and review

Undercover Tent Review:

I saw this tent at a local art show and was impressed with the quality and unique CRS Curtain wall hanging system for the side walls. I also wanted a tent with pinch proof release levels to raising the legs. The zippers on the Undercover tent seemed to be larger and stronger than the smaller zippers I had on my EZ-Up. I feel that the larger zippers will make it easier to zip up the tent.

The roof and also the side walls have a inner silver reflective undercoating which is designed to keep the tent cooler. It should also help me from getting sunburn from the sun passing through the tent. While the inside of the tent has a silver look, the outside of the tents top and walls are white so it should pass as a white tent for art shows that require a white tent.

The image below shows the Undercover tent with the polyester sides wrapped around the legs when open for business. The polyester sides seem to be more like flowing fabric were my EZ-Up came with thinner vinyl sides.

Undercover tent UC-2R10crs

Undercover CRS wall tent system

The image above shows the unique curtain type wall hanging CRS system for the sides as well as the silver undercoating on the inside of the walls.

You put up the walls by simply attaching  clips, located along the top edge of the walls to the hanging wire shown in the second image.  This makes putting up the walls fast and easy.  The hanging wire is incorporated as part of the tent.

Note: With this type of CRS wall system, it seems that you do not put the 10 foot wall section up on the one 10 foot tent side with the connecting wall zippers being in the corners of the tent as done with other tents. You place the 10 foot wall with five feet being on one side of the corner pole and the other five feet of the wall side on the other side of the corner pole. The actual location of the zippers used to attach two walls together will be in the middle of the tent side as shown in the second video and also in the first picture if you look for the vertical line in the wall’s center.

The image above shows the pinch proof method of raising or lowering the top sides.

The image above shows the legs having a separate pinch proof method on raising the legs.

Undercover Dial a Fit Peak Pole Extender
The image above shows the silver undercoating on the tent top (facing inside).

This image also shows a method of adjusting the top fit which they call “dial a fit peak pole extender” which could come in handy to make the top more stiff if it rains. Inside that shorter pole piece is a spring that pushes up. If you turn the dial, you can tighten the spring tension. Seems clever to me.

Undercover tent UC-2R10crs
The image above shows the Undercover UC-2R10CRS tent with all four walls up.

Undercover tent UC-2P10WCRS with sides
The image above shows the Undercover UC-2P10WCRS tent with all four walls up showing tent skirts over the corner legs in this model.

Undercover tent vent
The image above shows a vented peak on the top to let out hot air but not let in rain.

These features are what I was looking for on a tent at a reasonable price, that my older EZ-Up did not have. Your own preferences may be different.

See related 46 second video showing method of hanging a CRS wall
(Video 1: View full size).

Another 34 second video showing putting up all four CRS walls in fast motion (Video 2: View full size).

I purchase this Undercover tent UC-2R10CRS tent in March 2015 and am happy with it. It is available for purchase on Amazon at
(Undercover UC-2R10CRS) .

The tall storage bag that holds the tent also had two long zippers, one on each side of the bag. This makes taking out the tent or putting the tent back into the bag much easier.

See short video showing Undercover tent bag
(Video 3: View full size).


Undercover Tent: Purchase of the three different models

The first two Undercover tent models listed below have a 300 denier thick roof with the third listing a more expensive professional model having a 600 denier roof top as well has higher quality honeycombed tubing.

Undercover Tent 1:

(Undercover 10×10 with CRS sides model UC-2R10CRS medium quality tent and the tent that I use)

This UC-2R10CRS tent is good for those that do numerous art shows.

This UC-2R10CRS tent is available for purchase at Amazon as well as at Sam’s Club if you are a member.

(Model UC-2R10CRS from Amazon link)

(Model UC-2R10CRS from Sam’s Club link)


Undercover Tent 2:

(Undercover 10×10 with CRS sides model UC-3R10CRS basic quality tent).

If you do occasional local art shows, this tent may be enough for you. This UC-3R10CRS tent is available for purchase at Amazon at the picture link as well as at Costco if you are a member.

(Model UC-3R10CRS from Costco link)

Undercover Tent 3:

Undercover tent UC-2P10WCRS
Undercover tent UC-2P10WCRS with sides

(Undercover 10×10 without sides model UC-2P10WCRS best quality tent)

For artist doing art shows full time or do many shows in rain or harsher conditions, Undercover makes a tent that is of higher professional quality. This tent is sold by ecanopy. This tent does not come with the CRS sides but you can and should purchase the Undercover CRS sides separately.

Note: Do not purchase the non CRS sides made by Undercover.

Tent can be purchased at ecanopy at Undercover tent.

Sides can be purchased at ecanopy at Undercover CRS sides.



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  1. Hi there interested in same canopy as yours. My concern is with the silver underlining. As a painter wanting to sell art. Does the silver change the color of your product?

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