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Recommended art supply stores and canvas printer

Purchase of art supplies:

Some personal items that you may want to bring to the art show are water, lunch, snacks, hat, sun tan lotion and a small cooler.  Many times, food is not available, unhealthy or overpriced at art shows so you should bring some just in case.

I usually carry Scotch tape, extra paper to make labels, scissors, pliers, lots of extra 4″ and 6″ metal spring clamps, screw drivers, first aid kit, pens, pencil, marker, small hammer, hanging hooks for artwork, 10″ Nylon Cable Zip Ties, business cards and holder, shopping bags, extra cash and coins for change, Windex, paper towels or towel, dust cloth, change of clothes, aspirin, order book, calculator, folding table, print racks, labels, table cloth, tent, walls, weights, chair and credit card device, forms and signs saying I take credit cards.  If lighting is needed, bring those supplies.  Also a sign up book to collect email addresses for future marketing.

I find that various sized clamps and cable or zip ties come in handy in many different situation like some people feel about duct tape. You should always have these items around while doing art shows. I recommend only getting metal clamps since the plastic ones seem to break over time. On the metal clamps, many times the soft red part pieces fall off over time and you can drop some glue under them at purchase time to reduce this. I recommend zip ties of at least 10″, I find that the shorter ones do not have much reach for art show purposes and you can always cut off the extra length after on with a pair of scissors.

The two links below contain detail lists of items to bring to art shows. Many of these lists are long for use in 3 day shows while on the road and some items are particular to specific art mediums. It is good to review which items apply to your needs and make your own list to review when packing. When you need something at an art show and do not have it, it’s a good time to add that item to your list.

Art Show list 1 from kateisgreat80.blogspot.com

Art Show list 2 from handmade-business.blogspot.com


CG Pro Prints: Canvas wrapped prints


Great every day low prices for canvas wrapped prints such as 16″x20″ at $27.99 , 20″x30″ at $39.99 or super large and impressive 32″x48″ for $99.99. Other things I like is quick turnaround, tight corners, 1 1/4″ depth, 8 color printing and they place a piece of thick black board on the back which gives the canvas a nice finished look.

Also below the front canvas picture area is a hard surface which I have not seen other printers do. On the back, metal sawtooth hangers are attached for hanging. Note: The larger prints have two sawtooth hangers and I do not recommend running picture wire between them. The metal sawtooth hangers are designed to be hung from one or two hook or similar method to support the artwork.

They also have a nice software user interface that shows you what part of the image will wrap (not show on the front) or can choose a solid color on the sides. They offer the optional drop shipping direct to the customer with no invoice in the box. The boxes also make nice storage containers to transfer to art shows since they are efficient in size and reseal easily.

Note: You get $10 off first order with the link below and I get a $10 credit. The shipping cost is greatly reduced if you order more than one print. Get a sample print or two and check them out. Click on the left box below for more information and discount.