Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography. Though my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences. Photography is the medium of choice for my creative expression. I am still excited about the power and magic of photography and its ability to capture my own unique selective perception of the moment in a form that I can share with others.

I grew up in a Northwest suburb of Chicago and became fascinated with photography at an early age. This led to my first 35mm camera purchase in 1971 for a high school photography class.  This eventually progressed to my receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in professional photography from Southern Illinois University. In 1999, I moved to Gilbert, Arizona. With the beauty of the Southwest all around me, I have recaptured my passion for photography.

It is my goal as artist and photographer to encourage this closer examination of ordinary things by presenting them in unusual context. While my photographic subjects vary widely, I find myself repeatedly drawn to Southwest landscapes and objects from the past such as rusty cars and abandoned buildings as well as the influence of man on both of these.

A fine photograph is not only the creation of the original camera exposure, but also the result of significant technical and aesthetic consideration while making the final print. This allows me to not only record a literal moment in time, but rather the emotion or experience of the moment.

My photography can be seen at www.bobestrin.com



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